Epsilon - Your Business Evaluator ™ will help you:

PINPOINT WEAK AREAS before they grow into serious problems. Delays in production can cost you business
MAKE BETTER DECISIONS. By knowing the strong and weak areas of your business, you'll be confident knowing when and where you will invest your time and money

CREATE A GROWTH PLAN  or update your business plan.  A long-term planning process sets up your strategies, objectives and  the steps you need to take. It’s hard to predict the future, so keep your plan fresh and relevant. ​​
Watch closely!  

and learn from them.  This reduces wasted time, effort and money​​

To devise a successful growth strategy, you need to know exactly what shape your business is in. This will help you to ensure your business is properly aligned so that the growth strategy you choose is viable.

Regular reviews of your business will allow you to see your progress as you move your business towards sustainable profitable growth

  1. Graphs
    Graphs provide great value. They are visuals that can help assess business performance, and helps you to recognize patterns or trends. By reviewing each graph in each category and evaluating your business every quarter, you are able to monitor your progress and identify patterns and problem areas. Look for your weak areas first. You want to tackle these problem areas before they become serious. Focus on improving these areas.
  2. Scorecard
    The scorecard combines quantitative and qualitative criteria. This simply means we take soft data, (example: customer satisfaction) and “hard” data (example: financials) to figure out where you are and where you should be. The scorecard is your end result. Once you know what areas you need to improve, and implement your plan, your scorecard is there to show you whether you’re on the right track!
  3. Detailed Report
    Detailed Report
    Epsilon - Your Business Evaluator gives you a high level report with suggestions and solutions, for each category. These tips are not meant to be conclusive, but are meant to provide direction. This report provides you a framework for building your strategic plan. Since you have identified the weak areas in your graphs, the detailed report will give you some advice on what needs to be worked on, which will help you fill in the blanks when it comes to your growth plan .


  • Build a simple plan 
  • Make note of all your weak areas to build your priority list 
  • Continue maintaining the areas that are working (you want to make sure not to neglect any areas) 
  • Identify and get rid of waste 
  • Watch costs closely. 
  • Measure progress. Check your business every three months

*Epsilon Your Business Evaluator will be supplemented with a resource program to help you with all areas of your business. Plan for Growth with Epsilon.