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  • Scorecard : shows if your business is on the right track
  • Detailed Report: a high level report with suggestions and solutions for each category 
  • Graphs: help assess performance and identify problems and patterns 
  • Solutions: receive suggestions and helpful hints 

You will receive:

Epsilon Your Business Evaluator is for:

  • Any industry/business 
  • Online or Offline businesses
  • Any type of ownership (a one-person operation to numerous employees)
  • Any Stage (whether your business is growing, stagnant or shrinking)
  • Any State (whether you are healthy, weak or uncertain)
  • ​Start ups 
  • Ideal for Business Coaches assessing clients  


"Epsilon is a perfect resource every small business owner needs to grow their business. We put our heart, and soul into our companies so it can be difficult to take the time or understand how to analyze our business properly.

The evaluation tool starts by asking 50 strategic questions about your business which help reveal strengths and weak areas that may be holding you back from increasing profit and productivity.

I recommend that every small business owner add this tool to their on going business plan".

Dan Shorey, Entrepreneur
"You never know what you’re going to get from a business assessment and I found Epsilon to be a very useful tool and that provided me with great insight to my business.  I have a clearer understanding where to use my resources to grow my practice.  I highly recommend it.”

H.B., Lawyer

"This tool has been a Godsend for both me and my clients.  My clients LOOOOOVE it because it clearly shows them what area(s) of their business need their attention to help create balance, increase productivity, and revenue. 

Almost always, it has revealed things that my clients were unaware of and in the rare cases where they were aware, it provided validation on what needed to be done.   
I’ve been a business coach/consultant for almost 8 years and I’ve used scores of different strategies to get a birds eye view of my clients’ business.  The Evaluator has been by far the most powerful tool that I’ve used to help me create a plan that takes their business to a whole new level.  

Epsilon should definitely be a tool that every business coach uses."   
Demi Karpouzos, Business Strategist 

"Epsilon YBE has really helped us better understand our business and pinpoint where our challenges are.  

More importantly, the tips and solutions were very useful for helping us develop a plan that addressed the weak areas of our business to ensure profitable growth                                             

 Forest Hill Forestry, Toronto