Is your business running you? 

A simple effective tool because business doesn't have to be complicated

Here's how it works...

A simple, effective way to find how the areas in your business are performing

    Our Team of Business Experts created 50 strategic questions for you to answer about your business. Your answers will help reveal areas that may require the attention needed to increase profit and productivity
    Discover your strengths, weaknesses, where you stand in various areas of your business that include: Finance, Operations, Sales, Marketing, Services, Competition, Management, and more!!.
    You will receive suggestions and helpful tips to your specific problems that are uncovered and enable you to identify issues, adjust course and build your business on solid ground.

This simple, yet powerful business tool will give you what you need in no time.
This is more than just a typical assessment tool. 

  • Pinpoints areas to strengthen  
  • Helps make better decisions
  • Provides a foundation for a growth plan 
  • ​​helps understand your mistakes
  • Evaluates and grades key areas  
  • Provides visuals
  • Get tips & solutions  
  • ​no upsell 

  • Creates clarity 
  • Promotes strategic use of your time 
  • Monitors your business 
  • Determines where to invest time and money
  • ​Reduces wasted time and money
  • ​gives a detailed report for each category
  • ​receive results immediately 

Before you begin your evaluation...

Be honest.
Don't answer the way you'd like it to be, answer the way things REALLY are
This will provide you with an honest assessment and the results will help you get to where you want to be
 For the Business Owner, Entrepreneur, Franchisee, Start up or BusinessCoach/Advisor helping clients reach their goals 

Get your results.
 Your business depends on it  


* Sample from Epsilon YBE

  1. Scorecard
    The scorecard combines quantitative and qualitative criteria. This simply means we take soft data, (example: customer satisfaction) and “hard” data (example: financials) to figure out where you are and where you should be. The scorecard is your end result. Once you know what areas you need to improve, and implement your plan, your scorecard is there to show you whether you’re on the right track!
  2. Detailed Report
    Detailed Report
    Epsilon - Your Business Evaluator gives you a high level report with suggestions and solutions, for each category. These tips are not meant to be conclusive, but are meant to provide direction. This report provides you a framework for building your strategic plan. Since you have identified the weak areas in your graphs, the detailed report will give you some advice on what needs to be worked on, which will help you fill in the blanks when it comes to your growth plan .
  3. Graphs
    Graphs provide great value. They are visuals that can help assess business performance, and helps you to recognize patterns or trends. By reviewing each graph in each category and evaluating your business every quarter, you are able to monitor your progress and identify patterns and problem areas. Look for your weak areas first. You want to tackle these problem areas before they become serious. Focus on improving these areas.

What's Next?

As business owners, we tend to do things on our own due to limited resources. 

Epsilon YBE is creating a space where you will have access to free and paid services, such as templates, webinars, programs, strategists, coaches
 and much more! Coming soon 
Epsilon Your Business Evaluator is for:

Any industry/business 
Online or Offline businesses
Any type of ownership (a one-person operation to numerous employees)
Any Stage (whether your business is growing, stagnant or shrinking)
Any State (whether you are healthy, weak or uncertain)
​Start ups 
Ideal for Business Coaches assessing clients  

  1. Business Coach
    "This tool has been a Godsend for both me and my clients. My clients LOOOOOVE it because it clearly shows them what area(s) of their business need their attention to help create balance, increase productivity, and revenue. Almost always, it has revealed things that my clients were unaware of and in the rare cases where they were aware, it provided validation on what needed to be done. I’ve been a business coach/consultant for almost 8 years and I’ve used scores of different strategies to get a birds eye view of my clients’ business. Epsilon has been by far the most powerful tool that I’ve used to help me create a plan that takes their business to a whole new level. Epsilon should definitely be a tool that every business coach uses." Demi Karpouzos, Business Strategist
  2. Entrepreneur
    "Epsilon is a perfect resource every small business owner needs to grow their business. We put our heart, and soul into our companies so it can be difficult to take the time or understand how to analyze our business properly. The evaluation tool starts by asking 50 strategic questions about your business which help reveal strengths and weak areas that may be holding you back from increasing profit and productivity. I recommend that every small business owner add this tool to their on going business plan". Dan Shorey, Entrepreneur
  3. Lawyer
    "You never know what you’re going to get from a business assessment and I found Epsilon to be a very useful tool and that provided me with great insight to my business. I have a clearer understanding where to use my resources to grow my practice. I highly recommend it.” H.B., Lawyer
  4. Spa Owner
    Epsilon is exactly what I needed. Working in a spa, my days are pretty long. I was feeling overwhelmed and I was struggling. When my client suggested I try it, I didn't hesitate. I needed help It was inexpensive, simple to use and easy to understand. Once I received my results, I knew exactly what I needed to do. It was the perfect guide to help me get back on my feet. It helped me to get organized. I had a clear idea what areas I needed to focus on. The graphs were useful, and the detailed report is what I depend on. I highly recommend this!! Spa Owner, Toronto
  5. Business Consultant
    "I believe this is one of the best assessment tools for small business. It gives the owner exactly what they want and, most importantly, what they need to make informed decisions about their business going forward." Peter Broderick, Consultant​​
  6. Business Owner
    "Epsilon YBE has really helped us better understand our business and pinpoint where our challenges are. The tips and solutions were very useful for helping us develop a plan that addressed the weak areas of our business to ensure profitable growth Forest Hill Forestry, Toronto
  7. Musician
    "Being a musician for over 15 years, I didn't think Epsilon would be useful to me. I was encouraged to take the evaluation, and I'm glad I did. Epsilon revealed areas that I never bothered with. If I worked on these areas, I would have a lot more exposure than I do now. And a lot more money too. This has opened my eyes and showing that a business plan is so important, even for an artist. I recommend Epsilon for everyone." Denis M, Musician
  8. Accountant
    Epsilon is a solution that helps my clients better understand their business. I recommend Epsilon Your Business Evaluator to every small business Michael Williams
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