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For companies such as non-profits, for-profit, business networking and membership organizations,  getting small business members truly engaged in your organization is critical for survival.
The primary purpose of a professional organization is to exchange information and ideas. 

Business credibility is a must. Small business owners are looking for tangible results. 

The organization that can provide members good information such as business opportunities, networking, access to programs, as well as reliable assessments of their business health and solid direction to build viable, reliable and, most importantly, implementable business plans, is the organization that is going to get their business. 

What if you had information that would help better support and know your member's needs when it comes to their business? 

"What's in it for me?"



Epsilon Your Business Evaluator is a unique, easy to use online tool that evaluates and grades key areas of a small business (such as finance, sales, operations, marketing, competition, and many more) by identifying hidden problems, providing tips/solutions to rectify issues before they grow into major difficulties, and laying the foundation for developing an action plan for sustainable growth.

It shows your members what areas, in their business, are working, not working, and what is being neglected.
 With Epsilon Your Business Evaluator, your member receives: 

  • A Scorecard : shows where their business is and where it needs to be 
  • Colour coded graphs for each area 
  • Detailed Report : highlighting strengths and weaknesses for each category
  • High level Solutions 
  Epsilon Your Business Evaluator works with
  • Any industry/business 
  • Online or Offline businesses
  • Any type of ownership (a one-person operation to numerous employees)
  • Any Stage (whether business is growing, stagnant or shrinking)
  • Any State (whether healthy, weak or uncertain)
  • ​Start ups 

Personal information will not be sold, rented, leased or forwarded to any third party.   

Here's how we work together

A new member joins your organization with high expectations. Creating strong and relevant benefits isn’t just recommended, it’s crucial for your organization’s growth. 

How does Epsilon Your Business Evaluator help increase and engage members?  

Giving your members & prospects access to Epsilon Your Business Evaluator, we provide you with specific, accurate and, most importantly, highly relevant (and unique) data from the evaluation. 
Data such as identifying weak areas, location, industries, strengths and much more.
The data is detailed, effective and will help you meet the specific needs of your members. 

You'll be able to offer useful programs, seminars, coaching and various services that will not only improve the health of their business, but increase member engagement. 







By having greater insight into your members unique concerns, your organization will be able to not only offer solutions but will see your membership grow.  
  Your Organization's Results

  • Convert prospects to members (excellent prospecting tool)
  • Re-engage previous members
  • Increase participation in programs/services 
  • Provides reason to join your organization 
  • Receive useful and unique data
  • Benchmarking data (unique and extremely useful)
  • Help members improve their business health
  • Strengthen member relationships 
  • Learn more about issues your members are facing 

For a Demonstration 
Epsilon Your Business Evaluator


Please contact us at: 
Epsilon Your Business Evaluator 
Toronto, Ontario Canada 


  1. Business Coach
    "This tool has been a Godsend for both me and my clients. My clients LOOOOOVE it because it clearly shows them what area(s) of their business need their attention to help create balance, increase productivity, and revenue. Almost always, it has revealed things that my clients were unaware of and in the rare cases where they were aware, it provided validation on what needed to be done. I’ve been a business coach/consultant for almost 8 years and I’ve used scores of different strategies to get a birds eye view of my clients’ business. Epsilon has been by far the most powerful tool that I’ve used to help me create a plan that takes their business to a whole new level. Epsilon should definitely be a tool that every business coach uses." Demi Karpouzos, Business Strategist
  2. Entrepreneur
    "Epsilon is a perfect resource every small business owner needs to grow their business. We put our heart, and soul into our companies so it can be difficult to take the time or understand how to analyze our business properly. The evaluation tool starts by asking 50 strategic questions about your business which help reveal strengths and weak areas that may be holding you back from increasing profit and productivity. I recommend that every small business owner add this tool to their on going business plan". Dan Shorey, Entrepreneur
  3. Lawyer
    "You never know what you’re going to get from a business assessment and I found Epsilon to be a very useful tool and that provided me with great insight to my business. I have a clearer understanding where to use my resources to grow my practice. I highly recommend it.” H.B., Lawyer
  4. Spa Owner
    Epsilon is exactly what I needed. Working in a spa, my days are pretty long. I was feeling overwhelmed and I was struggling. When my client suggested I try it, I didn't hesitate. I needed help It was inexpensive, simple to use and easy to understand. Once I received my results, I knew exactly what I needed to do. It was the perfect guide to help me get back on my feet. It helped me to get organized. I had a clear idea what areas I needed to focus on. The graphs were useful, and the detailed report is what I depend on. I highly recommend this!! Spa Owner, Toronto
  5. Business Consultant
    "I believe this is one of the best assessment tools for small business. It gives the owner exactly what they want and, most importantly, what they need to make informed decisions about their business going forward." Peter Broderick, Consultant​​
  6. Business Owner
    "Epsilon YBE has really helped us better understand our business and pinpoint where our challenges are. The tips and solutions were very useful for helping us develop a plan that addressed the weak areas of our business to ensure profitable growth Forest Hill Forestry, Toronto
  7. Musician
    "Being a musician for over 15 years, I didn't think Epsilon would be useful to me. I was encouraged to take the evaluation, and I'm glad I did. Epsilon revealed areas that I never bothered with. If I worked on these areas, I would have a lot more exposure than I do now. And a lot more money too. This has opened my eyes and showing that a business plan is so important, even for an artist. I recommend Epsilon for everyone." Denis M, Musician
  8. Accountant
    Epsilon is a solution that helps my clients better understand their business. I recommend Epsilon Your Business Evaluator to every small business Michael Williams